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Can’t wait to be on vacation! The last days in town seem neverending. I don’t know if it’s common but I both love and hate summer. I love it for the sparkle air, every place becomes an open air playground. I like to have my body back, to leave my legs naked and feel free. I don’t want to use too many words, you all know the beauties of summer. But it also brings that weird sense ofrestlessness, the will to go, the fear to discover and the feeling that something’s changing. Does it also happen to you? Every year I feel like a splinter group in a flurry living full speed. This year is not an exeption. So I just wait to leave and let it be. With time I understood that what is now will be something different when I’ll be back; I learned that’s the period in which is better not to have expectations or wait for answers. I just have few goals: to buy a waterproof camera and a really good book (but it has to be really good). This summer I just want to tan, read, take pictures and get drunk with life and prosecco. What are you planning for? In the meanwhile I took some pictures of my last look, confused as the weather these days in Italy (now it’s raining, now there’s the sun, now it’s rarining, now there’s the sun, and so on).